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Game Tags:

Role (Fun) Tags:

Anime     Artist     Assassin     AWOO     BAKA     Dandere     Dapper     Demon     Deredere     Editor     Eroges    Event Participant     FBI     Figure Collector     Gentleman     Gucci     Himedere     K-Pop     Kawaii     Kind     Kitsune     Kohai     Kuudere     Light Novels     Loli     Maid     Manga     Meanie     Musician     Nee-chan     Neko     Nii-chan     Not Cute     NSFW     Nyandere     Otome     Pervert     Poi     Potato     RotMG        Role Player     Senpai     Shuriken Girl     Shy     Singer     Sparta     Stalker     Streamer     Tattoos    Tsundere     Ultimate Fisherman     Yandere     Yawndere     Vampire     Visual Novels     Waifu     YouTuber


Location Roles

Africa     Asia     Australia     Europe     North America     South America

Special Roles

NSFW: Unlocks the NSFW channel in the channel list

Role Player: Unlocks the Roleplay and Roleplay Profiles channels

Event Participant: Available for members who wish to be pinged whenever we will host events.

YouTuber: Unlocks the YouTube category, with text and vocal channels

Streamer: Unlocks the Twitch category, with text and vocal channels

Special Game Roles:

*The FFXIV tag will unlock the FFXIV chat channel

*The Overwatch tag will unlock the Overwatch chat channel

*The R6:Siege tag will unlock the R6:Siege chat channel

*The LoL tag will unlock the League of Legends chat channel

*The Rocket League tag will unlock the Rocket League chat channel

Rainbow VIP - Given to the top 3 most active members

Verified BAS - Unlocked when you hit level 3 on the leaderboard

Chat Veteran - Unlocked once you hit level 20 on the leaderboard

Chat Legend - Unlocked once you hit level 50 on the leaderboard

★Prestige★ - Unlocked when you hit level 70 on the leaderboard

Earnable Roles:

Pizza Power Ranks:

Obtained by picking flowers that are randomly dropped in the #bot-commands channel.

These roles are bought exclusively through the shop in #bot-commands.
.shop to open the store page.

Pizza Power 100

Pizza Power 200

Pizza Power 300

Pizza Power 400

Pizza Power 500

Color Roles

Head over to the #roles channel to grab your favorite color!

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